In 2015, I started writing about health and I haven’t stopped. Without a doubt, 2015 was an amazing time of digging and discovery, questioning everything and searching for truth. The only reason why 2015 became such an epic year for me is because of the loving and honest relationships that I was graciously given created the space for me to run into the wild and look for something more than what I knew. It was during this time that Vive Alchemy was birthed and I began to see health from an entirely different perspective.

I have written a lot about this discovery, my story and why our physical health reveals so much more than whether or not we have disease or sickness. My main purpose in writing is to share my experience, strength and hope through the telling of my story and with the hope of encouraging others with the encouragement that I have been encouraged by. I believe this a true act of love and how we create the space to give and receive truth.

I know my writings are not “fun” nor are they entertaining. I personally have no desire to entertain anyone and distract us any longer from the elephant that has been sitting in the room and growing bigger every year for decades. Perhaps, it has been fun and entertaining to dance around this elephant year after year but the truth is that we don’t have room or the time to do it any longer because the elephant is now crushing us to death.

As a result of the undeniable results that are destroying every part of our world, it is imperative that we deal with the elephant in the room. I know this might be a shock but the elephant isn’t politics, the world, the environment, the government, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Republicans, Democrats, property rights, the industrial military complex, masks, vaccines, gun rights, the Taliban, Russia, Covid or even the epidemics of diet-related disease and sickness in youth and adults. Rather, the elephant in the room is us and the refusal to look in the mirror and say, “I am the elephant in the room and I have been avoiding looking at myself and saying something is wrong with me. I do not love myself and I have not loved myself in a long time.”

This was my elephant. This is your elephant. Everything we talk about is a distraction from the fact that we are sad, anxious, full of fear, angry, scared, hopeless, bored, lonely, unhappy, worried and not only does life feel meaningless, but we feel like we don’t belong. The truth is that we all have this inside of us and, whether we realize or not, it is coming out because it is the truth. And, this truth is coming out in the way we talk, the way we care for ourselves, the way we eat, the way we react, the way we consume, the way we treat our friends, family, neighbors and enemies, the way we use the land, the way we care about the environment and the way we live in our communities.

It is time to stop talking about everyone and everything else and start dealing with ourselves in a loving way. We must create the space for truth and we cannot do that if all our time, energy and money is used to deflect, deny, distract, defend and disassociate ourselves from ourselves. This is what I discovered about my own self when I created the space to sit down and look at me, and this is what I write about. I hope you will find courage in my writings to sit down with yourself and look at this relationship with yourself. I believe this is our only hope to begin to deal with what is wrong with our world because what is wrong with the world is us.

Dear Sir: Regarding your article ‘What’s Wrong with the World?’ I am. Yours truly, G.K. Chesterton

2 thoughts on “2015

  1. Struggling with “me” all my life! I really want to stop struggling and just be me. The hardest thing! I am a practiced deflector and co-dependent!


    1. Me too! Truthfully, I think these are things we have a lifetime of practice and are doing without even thinking about it. I read Codependency No More about 10 years ago and wondered why I had not heard about it before. There is a class that I would like to host and it really digs into our stories. I believe it is the understanding of our own story and the telling of our stories where we can begin to be set free from the struggle with self and we are set free to love ourselves really well. Perhaps, I could see if 2 or 3 people might be interested in doing this class with me.


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