Left Behind

We talk about leaving military equipment behind but what about…
-leaving entire towns behind because we sent their jobs overseas (NAFTA)
-leaving polluted lands, water and air behind because industries got what they wanted and left their waste
-leaving shells of communities behind because Wal-Mart came in and put out of business all the mom and pop stores
-leaving small farms behind because the government said “Get Big or Get Out!”
-leaving public health behind because industries and shareholders said “It was more profitable to treat diet-related disease and sickness than prevent it.”
-leaving kids behind because the education system said it wanted consumers not thinkers -leaving 400,000 kids behind in foster care because we don’t have room for them
-leaving 13 million kids in poverty because we cannot afford them and pay for our diet-related disease and sickness and our military industrial complex
-leaving the poor behind because we wanted to get as much as we could now
-leaving entire generations of men and women behind because the prison industrial complex wanted to make money
-leaving the elderly behind because they weren’t profitable to a society unless they were laying in a long term bed being grifted of thousands of dollars a month
-leaving rural communities behind because the corporate elites thought us of no value
-leaving behind dried rivers, empty lakes, infertile soils, empty oceans and mass extinctions because corporations wanted to rape and pillage under the banner of free market capitalism
-leaving behind hurting men and women whose place, purpose and power had been ripped out of their hands and hearts, and then offering no protection as the parasitic companies took every advantage of them (Fat food restaurants, opioids, alcohol, fast cash and low paying jobs) -leaving the middle class behind because the corporate elites do not pay their fair share of taxes or any taxes at all.

Now that we are living in a crisis, do you think the industries, corporations and governments that have left behind destruction and devastation are going to suddenly stop or are they going to continue to use whatever and whoever they can as a means to their own profitable ends.

70% of Colorado river water goes to agriculture, and the majority of that goes to grow alfalfa and grasses to feed cattle. Grasses are sent to Middle East and Asia for cows there. And we’re wringing our hands about how to fix this???

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