What are you talking about?

Everything is is interconnected, interrelated and interdependent. Therefore, health, agriculture, rural or urban development, the economy, community, consumerism, the culture, education, growing and producing, giving and receiving, religion and politics are interconnected, interrelated and interdependent. To talk or to not talk about one of these things is to talk about all things. More than ever, we must remember these foundational truths in order to solve the real problems we face and resolve our own participation and remove our guilt.

Thomas Merton said “When I pray for peace I pray for the following miracle. That God move all men to pray and do penance and recognize each one his own great guilt, because we are all guilty… we are a tree, of which Hitler is one of the fruits, and we all nourish him, and he thrives most of all on our hatred and condemnation of him, when that condemnation disregards our own guilt, and piles the responsibility for everything upon somebody else’s sins!”

Thomas Merton Contemplative Politics

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