Where is our shame?
Is it lost?
Hidden in the fig leaves
To avoid at all cost?

Do we use God’s gifts
For such a dangerous thing
To defend and distract us
From our shame?

Have we forgotten shame’s face
Is but a reflection of our disgrace?
Do we refuse to look and see
And deny Truth’s grace?

Do we now call shame another name
Like depression, anxiety or rage
Have we buried it with busyness
Or locked it in fear’s cage?

In the darkness did we give it
What it needed to grow
Were we fools to think
We had shame under control?

Have we tried to explain it away
With philosophy and reason
Maybe even pop psychology
Worked quite nicely for a season.

But seriously, where was our shame
When we made not a sound
As the idols of this world were lifted up
And our heads and hearts bowed down?

Were we not aware
Of our lust and greed
Begging for comfort and security
Watching lies choke out Truth’s seed?

Did we shut our eyes
And just open our mouths
Not to speak peace or kindness
But regurgitate the serpent’s sounds?

Is shame not the fruit
Of judgment and lies
Can we not see mercy
When shame blinds our eyes?

How did we come to think
That shame wasn’t produced
When we had gone the wrong way
Because we were seduced.

Now with arrogance, ignorance
Gluttony and pride
In death’s shadows
Do we force shame to hide?

Do we refuse to give shame
The time and the place
To turn and look at it
Right in the face?

Remember shame has no power
Unless we deny
To lift up our heads
And open our eyes.

Shame points at what we need
To look deep within
To receive mercy and forgiveness
To become our own friend

Shame is a result
Of Truth working properly
To say an injury has occurred
And needs help promptly

Shame is a shadow that covers love
Hiding our abuse and our misuse
Keeping us perpetually
Scared and confused

Do we keep pretending
It doesn’t exist
As we are hardened
Losing sight and sound
Of Love waiting patiently
To come down and surround
Us and our shame
Binding our wounds
Healing our broken hearts
Love answers shame’s cries
By going right where it starts.

Love takes us
Into it’s divine arms
Speaking gently
Acknowledging harms.

Love knows shame’s burden is heavy
It cannot be carried by us
It must be handed over
To someone we know and trust.

Perhaps, shame is a warning
That we cannot become our best
Until it is given to Christ
And finally laid to rest.

Shame is not bad
When we know what it can do
Which is to say “I need help…
Now lead me fast and straight to The Truth!”

December 4, 2020
DeeAnn Dean

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