Prophets, Priests and Queens

Below the surface
Of our ranting and raving
Self-righteous speak
Political diatribes
Religious doctrine
Exuberant exhorts
Points of misapplication
Misinterpretation of scripture
Out of context verses
Confirmation bias
Philosophical musings
Virtual signaling
Man made reasons
Self-help discourses
Moral high ground
Spiritual lessons
Earthly Platitudes
Advice and opinions
“Wise” words
Anger and outrage
And lack of understanding
Flows a river of heartache
From the orphan
Who has lost her name
From a stranger
Who has lost her home
From a widow
Who has lost her purpose.

How long do we keep talking over
Our heartache?

How do we continue to cover
Our wounds with fig leaves?

How do we remain blind
To our tears
And deaf to the cries
Of our hearts?
How long can we live
Like this?

Dare we deny our stories
Refuse the invitation
To be adopted
To be found
To find remember?

Shall we Come hither
Into the arms of Love
With our toils and burdens
Willing to take the mild yoke
And the light burden?

Open our spirits
To receive you as Love
Open our hearts
To receive you as Rest
Open our minds
To receive you as Truth
Open our hands
To receive you as Bread
Open our lives
To give you to our neighbor.

Help us to remember
That Our Father
Calls us by name
Transforming orphans
Into your children
Speaking as prophets
Bearing your name

Giving us a home
Transforming strangers
Into priests
Through which you flow
And we carry your holy fire

Anointing us with sacred oil
Transforming widows
Into queens
Crowned with responsibility
To serve your people
With our lives.

Orchestrate the cacophony
That deafens us to your voice
Attune our ears to your song
That we may hear you rejoice
Over us with delight and singing.

Read the book Redeeming Heartache

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