The Way

We have forgotten the healing power of being, solitude, nature, meaningful work, daily practices, easy routines, friendships and loving our neighbor. We avoid the simple, the daily, the ordinary and mundane to pursue complex ideologies, costly products, lifeless formulas and gluttonous lifestyles that promise happiness. By not knowing who we are and how we are designed to live in God’s pleasure, we have given life to a monoculture and a consumer lifestyle that justifies, validates and encourages the nonstop curation of customized man-made pleasures.

As a result of our constant pursuit of man-made pleasures, we are now living empty handed, emotionally numb, mentally exhausted, lonely and physically sick. But…we don’t have to keep living this way. We can change if we are willing to look and see the reality of our situation and that we are suffering from epidemics of diet-related disease and sickness, depression, anxiety, suicide, physical breakdown, disconnection, boredom and loneliness in a culture that promises to pleasure our every appetite. In other words, we must desire truth more than pleasure to be restored to new life.

Ask yourself…How long have you tried to live off the crumbs of pleasure as you starve to death for the daily nourishment needed to live your real life? Have you sacrificed the health of your spirit, heart, mind, body and relationships to string together temporary moments of pleasure with food, drink, sex, drugs, decorating our houses, purchasing stuff and staring into our phones? Has any pleasure consumed ever simultaneously nourished your spirit, heart, mind, body and relationships or produced any real comfort, security, peace and rest?

Yet, how would we even begin to answer these questions, if we have no space, time, desire or urging to ask them? By living in a monoculture built on consumerism, do we have no reason to Be Still and know God’s delight because we are expected to be so busy living as consumers chasing the latest promises of curated pleasures. But by submitting to consumerism’s rules, beliefs, systems, formulas, language and definitions, have we unwittingly avoided the necessary truths, practices, rhythms, routines and relationships found only in the One who gives us what is good, right and true as we follow the way, the truth and the life into difficult situations, sadness, hurt, sickness, messiness and the suffering for others

Without a doubt, we are made for pleasure but years of being told to pull ourselves up by our own proverbial self-made bootstraps, to believe in a nauseating version of consumerism and to demand our entitlement to man-made pleasure have forced us to live in a monoculture where we are not helping each other remember who we are and how we are naturally designed to be healthy, whole, holy and human, and live in healthy relationships with ourselves, our neighbors and our world.

More than ever, we must seek the Truth to remember who we are and how we are designed as human beings to be healthy and whole, and to discover Love’s most amazing gifts that awaits us in living in truth and love, in giving mercy and kindness, in sacrificing our lives, in being known and accepted and in pursuing the betterment of our neighbors, community and world.

Remember health starts in you and it starts with each one of us taking the responsibility to be honest with ourselves and to love ourselves well. We must create the space to know God’s delight and live in his pleasure. I am inviting you not to stop pursuing pleasure and return to the basics with me to remember who you are and how you are naturally designed to be a receiver and giver of life, love and truth. Join me in January

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