Drowning in myself

I died

Buried in flesh and bone

I cried out

He heard me

And came down

Covered in darkness

The light has moved to rescue me

He reaches into me

I am resurrected to new life

Here I am

With the I am

And by his right hand

Birthed into Truth

Swaddled in a robe of righteousness

Given a new name

I am laid down

The broad place is manger

Where I rest

Love surrounds me

Eternity swallows my past

I have been reborn

Forever a child

Set free to live

In holy poverty

I am weak

Eating The Bread of Life

Learning to speak in song

I am raised in Love’s bosom

Following the footsteps of my brother

Sauntering through my sister’s land

Walking with faith

through death’s shadows

The Way is my guide

Into the mystery I leap

On wings I soar

I am the field and the farmer

In truth and love, we plow

In the soul, seeds are planted

Sowing and harvesting, we commit

Refusing to chase the sun

Fearing God and keeping His commandments

Till our work is done.

-DeeAnn Dean

January 27, 2020

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