The Truth will never be facebook worthy because it does not guarantee likes, popularity or praise. In fact the truth is not very marketable because truth is uncontrollable and certainly not malleable. It cannot be conformed or shaped by human hands to fit in the world. Moreover, humans should beware of ever trying to reduce, fragment or level truth in order to use it as a means to our own ends. This is dangerous because truth cannot be handled in such a way. In fact, we should be very careful when taking hold of truth, since one cannot handle truth without it handling them. Consequently, any attempts to try to use truth to make our kingdoms come and our wills be done will result in the disaster and destruction of the kingdoms we build for our glory and according to our wills.

If truth can be used, then truth can only be used for one thing and for one thing only and that is for the glory of God and for the good of all men. It can be said that truth has purity of heart and he wills one thing- to love of God with all his heart, mind, soul and strength and to love his neighbor as oneself. The Bible says that “Truth can set you free” but before Truth can set you free, it asks you to surrender and to believe in its power to guide, protect, encourage, inspire, teach, nourish and transform you. Truth does not speak to the public. Consequently, the public cannot hear the Truth speak, because the public is not a person or a living entity. Truth speaks to and can only be heard by an individual person, who will either reject the truth or became a witness to the truth.

What is a witness to the truth? “A witness to the truth is a man who in poverty witnesses to the truth—in poverty, in lowliness, in abasement, and so is unappreciated, hated, abhorred, and then derided, insulted, mocked—his daily bread perhaps he did not always have, so poor was he, but the daily bread of persecution he was richly provided with every day. For him there was never promotion, except in an inverse sense, downward, step by step. A witness to the truth, one of the genuine witnesses to the truth, is a man who is scourged, maltreated, dragged from one prison to the other, and then at last—the last promotion, whereby he is admitted into the first class as defined by the Christian protocol, among the genuine witnesses to the truth—. . . then at last crucified, or beheaded, or burnt, or roasted on a gridiron, his lifeless body thrown by the executioner in an out-of-the-way place (thus a witness to the truth is buried), or burnt to ashes and cast to the four winds, so that every trace of the ‘filth’ (which the Apostle says he was) might be obliterated.” -Søren Kierkegaard, Attack on Christianity

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