Something I am working on

In the spirit of Peter Maurin, I have begun working on the following piece. Today, I thank God for witnesses of truth like Peter Maurin and I pray the things I write will create the space for us to begin to tell the truth about what we have done, what we are doing, what we want, who we are and who we are designed to be. Every night and every morning I pray for the opening of our eyes and ears to the truth and the shutting of our mouths- until we can tell the truth about ourselves. Furthermore, I pray that we can start being honest about our fears, our tears, our heartaches, our regrets, our mistakes, our ignorance, our arrogance and how much of our lives we have wasted chasing after the wind.

More than ever, I want to scream from the rooftops that I want more. I want so much more than what this world has to offer. I don’t want to be a mindless or mindful consumer. I don’t want to take pictures of myself, my house, my food, my vacations or my consumer lifestyle. I don’t want to be a consumer- who is constantly curating, comparing, competing and consuming.

Instead, I want to live with hope and joy, and I want to believe with all my heart, soul and strength in Love and imitate the Truth. I want to see creatures and creation resurrected, redeemed, renewed and reconnected by love, for love and to love! I want to love Dellrose and the people who live here. I want to love them well! I want to work, worship, play and dance with my neighbors- with creatures great and small in the bosom of creation.

Anyway- I started this in February. It is not finished but it is the beginning to what Peter Maurin called “correlative knowledge.”

The Question
Where do we begin to understand life, truth and the way we are designed
To be and live.
We start at the beginning.
We start with who you are.
Who are you?
Who you are will determine everything.
It will determine your thoughts,
Your feelings and actions.
It will ask and answer your questions of
How, why, what, when and where.
How do I live?
Why do I live?
What do I need to live?
What do I want to do?
When do I do?
Where do I go?
Who you are will determine your words, your definitions and your language.
Because your words, your definitions and your language with reflect who you are.
Who are you?
Who has taught you how to think?
How to feel?
How to speak?
How to live?
Who has taught you how to love?
Who has taught you what to love?
Who has told you who to love?
Who do you love?
Who are you?

Human beings
Human beings cannot be told
who we are by what we do.
Human beings cannot be defined by what…
What we have
What we do
What we want
What we know
What we don’t have
What we don’t do
What we don’t want
What we don’t know.
Whats cannot tell us who we are.
We must hold fast to this truth, so we can be free to allow the whats to come and go
And our who remain rooted in the infinite Who.

Who are you?
When we are being told
We are what we do
A who is telling us who we are.
Who tells you what to do?
What to buy?
What to eat?
What to think?
What to wear?
What to feel?
What to say?
What to play?
What to want?
What to desire?
What to work for?
What to worship?
What you do reveals who is telling you who you are.
Who you are?
Who is telling you who you are?
We are made to know ourselves
Everything we do starts with the answer
To the first question.
Who is telling you who you are?
This answer will give you the answer
To the second question-
Who are you?

The Fall of Man
We have allowed what we do
To tell us who we are.
Instead of submitting to a living Who
We use a lifeless formula
To tell us who we are.
The formula says
If you do _
Then you will get these results.
If you eat this fruit
Then you’ll be like God
We are not like God
Instead of being Love and Truth
And therefore givers and receivers
Of love and truth
We have become consumers.
In being consumers-
We have produced idolatry
Gluttony, adultery and murder.
We use the gifts that we have been given
Including our own lives
As a means to our ends
To make our kingdoms come
And our wills be down on earth
But earth is not like heaven
Heaven is not like earth
We are not creators
We are consumers
We are not children
We want to be God.

Playing God
We have played God long enough.
Our creation formula
Has failed us.
Look at the results-
What we have created?
We have created Nothing
But we have produced
Disconnection, division, destruction
Death, disease and desecration.
We have epidemics of loneliness
Epidemics of diet-related disease.
We are eating ourselves to death.
We are anxious, exhausted, depressed
And addicted to consuming.
We live in fear-of man.
Our love, truth, hope and joy
Have been replaced by likes, opinions,
Hopelessness and despair.
Our ignorance and arrogance
Knows no bounds.
Both creation and creature
groan under our authority.

Not good at being God
We are not God.
We do not even act like God.
We don’t know who we are.
We don’t know how we are designed
To be healthy, whole, holy or human.

If we don’t know who we are,
Then we don’t know how we’re designed-
We don’t know how to feel.
We don’t know how to think.
We don’t know what to do.

So we curate a world
Of checks and balances
Smoke and mirrors
Illusions and delusions.
We tape together broken pieces
Believing life is a puzzle
Of our own making.
With faith in our reason
We have ended up
Completely unreasonable.

We want to be God
But we don’t want to be like God.
We refuse humility.
We don’t empty ourselves.
We don’t sacrifice.
We don’t love our neighbors,
Our enemies or even ourselves.
We don’t love creation.
We don’t love creation’s creatures.
We don’t love truth.
Where is our love?

How can we possibly love our neighbor
When we don’t love ourselves?
Our very own spirits, hearts, minds and bodies
Are not holy temples.
They are trash dumps.
We consume so much junk that we have
Produced sickness and disease in ourselves.
We live in fear of man, fear of missing out,
fear of the future, fear of the past, fear
Of ourselves, fear of a disease,
fear of the silence and fear of the results
that we are producing.

We were warned that putting
Faith in Reason and believing
in the philosophy of Pure Reason
Would end in nihilism because
It began with the lie
That reason could be pure.

Now it’s time to look and see
What are the results?
Death, destruction, disease,
Disconnection, delusion and
Desecration of anything that is
Holy and Good.
We have become mindless consumers.

We are hopeless, helpless,
bored and violent.
We rape and pillage.
We use and abuse.
We kneel on the neck of life
Not realizing that we are kneeling
On our own neck.

We destroy God’s creation
To build man’s monoculture.
All loss is good for some men’s gain.
Truth has been leveled.
Love has been lost.
We don’t want mystery.
We want fame, power, glory and money.
We want comfort and financial security.
We have erected and worshipped
The same golden calf.

God emptied himself for man
But man has no space for God
Not in his body
Not in his spirit
Not in his mind
Not in his heart.

We care for no one,
Not even ourselves.
How can we love life
when we murder our bodies
with junk food?
How can we love life
when we murder our minds
with misinformation, disinformation and massive amounts of useless information?
How can we love life
when we murder our hearts
with anger?
How can we love life
when we murder our spirits
with fear?

How can we love truth
when all we do is lie
about our lack of love
And our ignorance of truth?

God is love. God is known for His Love.
God wants you to be love.
God wants you to be known for love.
What are you known for?
Your stuff, your style, your platform,
your opinions, your brand.
Who are you?

Do you want to be admired, worshipped,
lifted up, bowed down to, set apart,
followed and imitated?

You want to be God?

Jesus was God
And in being God in the world
He was murdered.
Do we think in imitating Christ
That we will not suffer the same fate
That the world will not reject us
That we will not be despised, mocked
And persecuted if we follow Christ?

Do you really want to be God
On earth?
Do you really want to lay down your life
For your enemy?
Do you really want to pick up
Your cross?
Do you really want to be weak, needy,
Vulnerable, fragile, transparent, desperate
And dependent on Love and Truth
To tell you who you are and how
you are designed to be healthy, whole,
Holy and human on earth?

We are really bad at playing God
but we could be really good
human beings if we loved ourselves well
And loved our neighbors as ourselves.

Are we bad being human?
How do we expect to be divine on earth
when we don’t even try to be good human beings?

Jesus, the God-man, showed us how to live on earth as human beings and in so doing
He showed us The Way of God as a man.
The Great I am became the suffering servant.
In poverty he gave us the riches of heaven.
His homelessness constructed a home for us.
His peace exposed our violence.
His goodness revealed our wickedness.

He emptied himself of all things
He became Nothing
To open our eyes to Everything.
He gave his life to give us life
His ways are not our ways.

But still, we want to be God
And yet we move out of fear
We don’t know how to care
For our spirits, hearts, minds and bodies

How do we avoid mirror
But look into the camera
To curate our own worlds
Our own public identities
Exchanging our lives for lifestyles

How do overlook our own immorality
To speak about morality?
How do we ignore our idolatry
That has produced our economy
That we worship?
We do Bible studies on purity, modesty, humility and prosperity
But forget to do them on money, comfort, security, gluttony and poverty.

We have forgotten who we are and how every single person is naturally designed to be whole, holy, healthy and human.
Christ showed us how we are designed
To live in holy poverty
To be vulnerable, sensitive, fragile, weak, transparent, desperate and dependent on
Divine Love
In order that Divine Love could move
through us to our neighbors
And transform us as Divine Love is
Given and Received.

We have forgotten
that we are in a relationship with Love
and it is in and through this relationship
we are transformed.
But we have not been transformed
Because we refuse the gift of Love
Who sets us free to receive
Who sets us free to be
Our true-selves.
Who sets us free to hear
Who sets us free to see
Who sets us free to speak
Who sets free to touch
Therefore we have no chance to give
And all our relationships suffers as a result

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