A New Year Prayer

I want more
I want less
This is my prayer
God I confess

Take it all
It is yours
My hopes and my dreams
What’s left of my years

I am looking up
Wondering if you’ve come down
Are my eyes blind and I can’t see
I’m standing on holy ground

Or is it quicksand
And I am still stuck
Am I sinking lower
In the mud and the muck

Perhaps, I’ve stood too long
And been turned to stone
Has my body become the tomb
Do I remember God and moan

Touch my heart
Is it still alive
Are my tears real
Do you hear my cry

What is needed
More purging or penance
Tell me so I can know
Where there must be repentance

I thought it was finished
And winter was done
I thought spring had come
And we were free to run

More than that
The time had come to dance
With all our might
In the divine romance

I think I want
What you desire
I want to burn
With sacred fire

I want to love
Where you’ve planted me
I want to be truth
In the world’s insanity

By living the way
You designed me to be
Vulnerable and fragile
Needy and weak

I want to be transparent
A person you can see through
So when anyone looks at me
The only one they see is you

Hide me in your feathers
Sing with delight over me
Transform me into your image
Shine your face- I plea

In desperation and dependence
Let me move
Deeper in your love
So the gift of faith I can prove

Not by pious good deeds
But by a life of truth
Loving my neighbor as myself
Letting holy poverty be the proof

Who am I Abba
That you should know
What am I to do
Unless me you now sow
Into the ground
With your mighty right hand
Hear my prayer LORD
Resurrect my life with this land.

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