A Father’s Love

[Louis] But I saw you being born.

I watched you take your first breath.

And after that happens, nothing is ever the same again.

You’re my son, Adam,

and I love you.

You’re my boy, and I love you.

I loved you from the first minute that I saw you.

And that will never change.

Adam, you’re my boy.

You’re amazing.

[Adam] Okay.

[Louis] I love you.

[Adam] I get it, Dad.

[Louis] I don’t think you do.

I am proud of you.

[Adam] Okay.

[Louis] I love you, son.

Know that inside your heart. Know… Come here.

Come here.

[Adam sobs]

[Louis] You’re my boys, and you’ll always be my boys.

Throughout all time.

[Adam sniffles] I love you, Dad.

[Louis] I love you, buddy.

[Louis whispers] Don’t carry this around anymore.

I need you, Dad.

It’s so hard without you.

I know.

You’re gonna be okay.

You’re gonna be better than okay.

Transcript from The Adam Project

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