April Fools

Hoping in hopelessness

Trusting in the invisible

Listening to silence

Walking in darkness

Resting in a promise

Believing in absurdity

Taking a leap of faith

Dying to live

Living to die

Speaking in tongues

Finding strength in weakness

Boasting in failure

Planting mustard seeds

Eating the bread of life

Drinking blood

Loving enemies

Turning the struck cheek

Sharing cloaks

Receiving grace

Giving mercy

Absorbing curses

Binding wounds

Forgiving debts

Confessing sins

Fighting the good fight

Laying down heavy loads

Taking up an easy yoke

Cups running over

Dancing wildly

Frolicking in vineyards

Writing in ashes

Wearing sackcloth

Cleansed by tears

Buried in waters

Digging in the dirt

Praying for rain

Waiting for harvest

Lying on threshing floors

Dreaming of a future

Being transformed

Celebrating resurrection

Following the way

Becoming the truth

Living the life

Embracing foolishness.

DeeAnn Dean, April 1, 2022

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