Easter morning prayer

My heart is open

Can’t you see

So breathe your breath

Inside of me

Sing into my mouth

a new song

That I can hum

all day long

I am empty

I am weak

Here I am

Kiss my cheek

Sensitive to your touch

Ready for your light

Waiting for The Word

To give me sight

What is vulnerability

If not weakness?

What is fragility

If not my design?

What is neediness

If not the place

Inside of me

Ready for grace

And ready for peace

Dare I

Look down

And ignore

The sound

Of your loud singing?

Dare I

Look away

And pretend

Not to notice

Your beauty?

Dare I


And choose faith

Letting you take me

Where you may?

I am yours

And you are mine

Let this poem

Be my psalm

Repeated truth

Found within

Questions I have

Answers I seek

“What thou will”

“When thou will”

“How though will”

Like Newton, I repeat

So…Let the storms

Over me roll

To lay me down

And cleanse my soul.

Roll away the stone

From my heart

And give me today

A brand new start.

April 12,2020

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