I’ve Never

I’ve never studied the stars like Vincent
Or made the woods my home like Thoreau.

I’ve never studied language like Hamann
Or studied The Word like Kierkegaard.

I’ve never imitated The Way like Merton
Or embraced poverty like Dorothy Day.

I’ve never had the kindness of Mr Rogers
Or led with vulnerability like Nouwen.

I’ve never known poverty like St. Francis of Assisi
Or sacrificed like Ghandi.

I’ve never chosen suffering like Simone Weil
Or given forgiveness like Frederick Douglass.

I’ve never had patience like Harriet Jacobs
Or the courage of Harriet Tubman.

I’ve never found myself in the wild like Muir
Or planted seeds of truth like Wendell Berry.

I’ve never written like Khalil Gibran
Or loved like Ruth.

I’ve never sought knowledge like Emerson
Or seen beauty like Wordsworth.

I’ve never had hope like Dickinson
Or enjoyed pleasure like Walt Whitman.

I’ve never studied humans like Shakespeare
Or asked questions like Rainer Maria Rilke.

I’ve never had the faith of Abraham
Or the trust of Joseph.

I’ve never knelt down like prodigal son Or ran like The Father.

But I have listened to these witnesses of truth
and I’ve never been more encouraged
to follow The Way, The Truth and The Life.

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