The Only Sober One

“33Do not go astray: “Bad associations corrupt good customs.” 34Become sober, in upright fashion, and do not sin; for some harbor ignorance of God. Shame on you,” the Bible

“When someone after having sought for a long time has made himself finitely secure, he swears by laying his hand on the book that bids us to seek the kingdom of God first. And this we human beings regard as sobriety, first to secure the finite—I do not pretend to be better. Yes, truly, upon earnestly examining myself, I have been obliged to make the confession that if I were contemporary with someone whose life expressed that he was seeking first the kingdom of God, consequently expressed the unconditioned, and that he unconditionally related himself to the unconditioned, or that he was spirit—lost to, alienated from, and dead [XII 394] to all temporal, finite, earthly considerations—I would find him unbearable; at every moment it would get the better of me, so that I would be tempted to call him intoxicated—him, the only sober one.” Søren Kierkegaard, Becoming Sober

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