My God

My God is the creator
Of all creations
Of all creatures
His creativity has no end

Nature in all her glory
Testifies to God’s faithfulness
peace, patience, gentleness
Self-control and goodness

Even more, to his glory and beauty
And infinite imagination
Which is given to us to see
Touch, smell, hear and taste

The green grass
The sunshine
The blue sky
Are more than sublime

They are visible manifestations
Of a humble God
His infinite energy
Living in soil and sod

He has pressed his presence
Into law and reason
Slivers of him fully expressed
In each and every season

Telling a story
Of love for his creatures
Being vulnerable as he waits
For his love to reach the receivers

What God is this
Who watches and participates
Delighting as we
Sit and taste
The food his garden grows
Nourishing us as we feast
With our mouths, eyes, ears and nose
Flowing into all our parts
Filling our bodies
And our spirits, minds and hearts

Glory we are given
Without lifting a hand
But only by taking the leap
Of faith in the God-man

Still his kindness
Knows no ends
He gives grace
To all his children

The gift of life
The gift of day and night
The gift of being
The gift of sight

He invites us all
To Come and See
How only Truth and Love
Can set us free

So stop this fighting
And shake off your chains
By accepting the Father
Who loves you the same

You cannot make him love you anymore
Than he does today
You cannot make him love you any less
By what you do and do not say

Do not stop doing your best
To imitate his ways
Trust you will hear him
When your life prays.

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