Professing Life

Believing it to be

just a clump of cells 

We call it what we want 

And do what we want

We ask…

“What do these cells mean to me?”

We say…

“My body my choice to do whatever I want”

Regardless of what my choices produce

Or how my choices impact my neighbor.

We just want to have fun

We don’t care if our bodies become tombs or wombs

We don’t want to think beyond the present moment 

When pleasure is promising us so much right now.

Who cares if my choices affect the lives the others

Why should I care about the lingering effects 

I cannot control myself in this moment

I feel like it

I crave it

How can it be wrong 

When it feels right and it feels good

I cannot deny myself 

The pursuit of happiness is my right

Pleasure is what I freely choose

To liberate myself from my reality

From my lack of imagination, boredom and despair.

So what if my choices result in life or death

Life or death is my choice 

This act is nothing more than an opportunity

To feed my rapacious appetite

This transaction is mine to make

To get what I earned 

To get what I deserve

It is a physical need

Why are you trying to make it anything more than that?

It is fuel

My body needs it to function

It doesn’t matter who I get it from

Or how I get it

As long as I get what I want

Because what I want is what I need

In getting what I want, I can get some needed satisfaction and peace

Though the satisfaction and peace are temporary 

And they quickly escape my body

I hang on to the high as long as I can

Unconcerned about what comes next

Or what price I’ll have to pay 

Or what price you’ll have to pay

For my recklessness and lack of personal responsibility.

Don’t worry

I will deal with the consequences

I can either take a pill 

Or have a procedure

And handle “God’s will”

However I want

It is my body and my life

What’s the worst case scenario…

That this clump of cells turn into something?

If that happens, then I can just go to the doctor

He can deal with it

Isn’t that his job

To make sure that I don’t have to deal

With the consequences of my choices

And to make sure I have the right to life

No matter if my choices murder the life that I have been given

I am free to choose

It’s not hurting you

You have no right to deny my right

To eat and drink whatever I want, whenever I want and however I want 

Even if that means my consumption kills me quickly or slowly 

Causes heart disease, diabetes, stroke, cancer or makes me more vulnerable to viruses

Or results in the death of my heart, mind, body and relationships

And the costs of my choices are incalculable

To my families, neighbors, communities, churches, country and world

So what if my act of consuming is an act of violence

That reverberates throughout my body

Affecting all 

And I abort my life and my call 

To love God with all my heart, mind, soul and body

And my neighbor as myself.

Am I supposed to feel bad about my choices

Or if the food that I daily choose

Mocks God and the gift of life he has given me

To remember his goodness and love, and my relationship 

With creation and its creatures.

Strange that you think I should care so much about a clump of cells

That I call food 

And go so far to call it a blessing from the Lord

To remember all is grace and all is a gift

You act as if my body is some kind of holy temple

And my choices profess life and what I believe to be true

About God.

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