Looking for beauty

This is post is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!! I have tears. Beauty hits me so hard this days, especially when so many things look, sound, taste, smell and feel so ugly. I really cannot handle it anymore. It has become absolutely unbearable to see the misuse of our time, talents, truth and gift of life on producing and maintaining ugliness.

These posts that constantly divide us into categories of us vs them are so vile. Truthfully, the misuse of our language and our words is not only ugly, but smells, tastes, looks, sounds and feels like death. Maybe, that’s what Jesus was talking about when he said to the “scribes and Pharisees, charlatans that they are like “whitewashed tombs.”
(Perhaps, we are not scribes and Pharisees but as opinionated and vocal as we all are – could we be charlatans and not even know it. “Charlatan: a person who falsely pretends to know or be something.”)

I have to wonder if we barely tried to make any effort to feed on beauty, then might we start to reawaken our spirits, hearts, minds and bodies to it. Would it pull our faces out of the trough of consumerism to see this beautiful world and the beautiful creatures in it. Would it begin to reawaken our tastebuds to want more beauty and more beauty and more beauty?

It really would not take much to go a different way and feel, think and speak differently because BEAUTY is all around us, it is even in us. ALL WE HAVE TO START DOING IS CREATING THE SPACE TO LISTEN, ASK, LOOK AND SEEK. Beauty is easy to find because we were made for beauty, we were made in and through beauty and we were made to be beautiful!!!


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