The question we must ask ourselves over and over is “Who can give us eyes to see?” We have gotten so used to looking at stuff but never really seeking or seeing truth. Doesn’t this seem ironic since looking seems to be the one thing we do all the time. Last week, I was told I spent 8 hours on my phone. (Of course, I am just reading.🤥)

Strangely enough, it seems that the one thing all the great witnesses of truth agree on is that we must seek and see truth if we are going to remember who we are and live how we are naturally designed to be healthy, whole, holy human beings.

Yes, our very lives and even the lives of our neighbors depend on us seeing truth. This is why we must be actively looking for it and searching for witnesses who can see…TRUTH.

It’s funny that the second thing all great witnesses of truth agree on is that money does not help you see or even allow you to see things for who or what they truly are. From what I can gather is that you can wash, swim and cover yourself in the stuff and it will never open your eyes to see “whatever is true, whatever grand, whatever right, whatever pure, whatever lovely, whatever of good repute—.”

On the other hand- what I do hear over and over from the great witnesses of truth and from Truth himself is that poverty has hidden powers like the pool of Bethesda.

It appears that poverty somehow creates the space or offers us an invitation to see, taste, touch, listen and breathe in truth. Now, poverty doesn’t necessarily mean you are broke but it does mean that you are poor- poor in spirit, poor in self-righteousness, poor in confidence and certainly poor in your abilities and resources to manipulate and control your life.

Consequently, being poor in whatever form poorness has been brought to your attention is an awareness of your own brokenness, powerlessness, vulnerability, fragility, weakness and neediness. Perhaps, you have a broken heart or broken body, you are full of anxiety, loneliness is crushing you, you feel worthless or your false-self has been broken and you find yourself lying in the smoke and ashes of your own life.

I don’t know what it is for you or what truth it will take for you to see but whatever truth has busted through the darkness to shine a speck of light onto your real condition and has given you the gift of sight to see you are blind- FOLLOW THAT LIGHT and allow yourself to look at your true condition.

A wise man once spoke about poverty as an awareness and confession of an inability to live life on life’s terms- which may mean you don’t have a lot of money. In fact, you may be broke. 🤷🏼‍♀️ But this could be the place where you need to be to SEE THE TRUTH and to echo the great confessors of truth that you are not sober and you cannot see nor can you hear the Way, the Truth or the Life standing right in front of you reaching out to you and inviting you to ”Come and See.”

I think the most interesting thing about all of this is for you and I to to see Truth, then it may take reading, listening to, being with and opening our hearts to people, who on the surface, we completely disagree with. It may take us washing in what looks like mud for us to see. This is crazy-right??

The point here is willingness. Are you willing to search for truth, to let truth take you to places that you don’t want to go in order to see the Truth- shining like the sun in the faces of all human beings and allowing that Truth to blind us to the differences that keeps us from loving ourselves and our neighbors as ourselves. Are you willing to let Truth tell you the truth? To lay you down in a green pasture and walk you through the valley of the shadow of death and come out the other side- naked and unashamed of your holy poverty but finally made ready to sit down at the feast?

This is something I am rereading today and it is full of some good and holy mud.

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