Surf’s Up

I received your invitation
It was early
I wasn’t sure why I should go
Other than to see
What I had not seen

You had awakened
My curiosity
And I wandered into the light
Of a new day
Beginning to shine
Over the dancing waters

You are relentless
Stubborn no doubt
Always calling my name
Always reaching out

Into the party I came
With my head bowed low
Because I’ve been told not to expect much
In this world below

Yet, here I found you
On the edge of things
I look and see
Your beauty shimmering

Giving me light
Illuminating the way
To see how your creatures and creation
Still start the day with play

The prayer of praise made visible
Embodied in this moment, making us one
The Heavens and the earth
Singing Love’s Song

Reminding me
Love does not live on earth
To judge and give heavy loads
But to help and heal
To lift and uphold

Love is alive
Knowing suffering and pain
Love is God in the flesh
Flowing through our veins

Asking us to see the lilies and the birds
Who do not toil day after day
Because they believe in the virtue of the absurd

Oh man
What a waste
Our greed and our haste
Starting our day wanting the obscene
Has made us stiff-necked and blind
Self-righteous and mean

Should we sell our possessions
To let go of these rotting things
And stop grasping for control and power
In order to spread our wings

Surfs up -Take the leap
The party has started
Come on home
It’s time to join creation dancing
In the arms of the Son.

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