Just finished my latest poem. I hope it awakens us to the absurdity of the Christmas Story.


Tis the season
Of the child
Submerged in the water
Where man and God
Are knit together

Flesh and Blood intertwines
With Elohim
As Shalom becomes
A human being

The Bread of Life growing in utero
The infinite tethers to the finite
The God Who Sees fashions eyes
So the God-child can have sight

The Creator is grafted in creature
Truth grows a nose and ears
Hands spring forth from the Way
El Shaddai grows ducts for tears

The womb becomes a sacred garden
The formless is given form
Human flesh stretched over holiness
The Word receives lips and tongue

A skeleton is made to hold The Great I Am
The All-Knowing develops a brain
Omnipotence is enmeshed with weakness
Change is now apart of always the same

Age is given to Everlasting Life
The Eternal submits to Time
The invisible is being made visible
This One is God’s only begotten

In Mary’s womb
His body will lay
Resting and listening
To both Father and Mother
Sing with delight over him

Arms stretching
Feet kicking
Yes, our Lord
Is even hiccuping

Yet, out of the darkness will come a great light
A baby will pierce earth’s flesh with a cry
Causing Shepherds to tremble
And angels to appear on high

The Alpha and Omega
Will now have a birthday
The God-man has abandoned himself
To a poor handmaid

The Merciful has asked for mercy
The great provider will need provision
He who is Everything
Has become nothing

Humiliation clothes Glory
In fragility God comes to his foes
Love appears as a baby
To reconcile in himself the Cosmos.

DeeAnn Dean
December 18, 2022

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