Becoming me

Poetry is writtenBallads are sungMasterpieces are paintedPraise rolls off the tongue To trees and their majestyTo their long suffering and beautyThese witnesses of truth stand tallObeying their divine duty What reader doesn’t knowTolkien, Hesse and RilkeGibran, Emerson and BlakeAdore the tree Perhaps, I should aspire to beA genius for a seasonIf I knew trees intimatelyThenContinue reading “Becoming me”


We have passed the point of sustainability. What is there to sustain? 88% of Americans are dealing with diet-related disease and sickness. 74% of Americans are overweight or obese. This is not sustainable. We are suffering epidemics of loneliness, addiction, anxiety and depression. This is not sustainable. Are we trying to sustain a broken wayContinue reading “Sustainability”

Present your bodies

Perhaps you have heard this verse, “Therefore I implore you, brothers, by God’s mercies, to present your bodies as a living, holy, acceptable sacrifice to God, your rational worship; And do not be configured to this age, but be transformed by renewal of the intellect, so you may test the will of God, which isContinue reading “Present your bodies”

David Foster Wallace

The idea that America is one great shopping mall, and that all anyone wants to do is, you know, grasp their credit card and run out and buy stuff is a stereotype, and it’s a generalization but, but but as a way to summarize a certain kind of ethos in the U.S., it’s pretty accurate.Continue reading “David Foster Wallace”

Reversing The Results

At some point, we are going to have to understand that we cannot outsmart the way we are naturally designed to Breathe, Listen, Ask, Look and Move. If we deprive our design of the things that we need, then our spirits, hearts, minds and bodies will make up for that deprivation somewhere, somehow and someway.Continue reading “Reversing The Results”

Come Close

I paint with words Without a sound So Come and See behind my frown There is more than what meets the eye. Beneath my skin A story is told From today and backwards Till days of old Flowing from eternity’s side The mingling of water and blood Creating the creature and creation Breathing life intoContinue reading “Come Close”

Who is a witness of truth?

“A witness to the truth is a man who in poverty witnesses to the truth—in poverty, in lowliness, in abasement, and so is unappreciated, hated, abhorred, and then derided, insulted, mocked—his daily bread perhaps he did not always have, so poor was he, but the daily bread of persecution he was richly provided with everyContinue reading “Who is a witness of truth?”