The epitome of Facebook post

“Let other complain that the age is wicked; my complaint is that it is paltry; for it lacks passion. Men’s thoughts are thin and flimsy like lace, they are themselves pitiable like the lacemakers. The thoughts of their hearts are too paltry to be sinful. For a worm it might be regarded as a sinContinue reading “The epitome of Facebook post”

Bradshaw Creek

There’s just something about youThat bids me come and seeTo step into your gentle currentAnd trust your transparency… So I slip off my shoesAnd take a chanceGingerly stepping intoYour whimsical dance… Your cool waters are calmAnd around me they rollOffering me a place to stopAnd drink deeply from your soul… In you I standTogether, weContinue reading “Bradshaw Creek”

The Movement of Faith

That’s where she landedAnd where she took rootGoing down firstTo anchor herself in the humusBefore she cast her eyes upToward that bright and beautiful sun. Except when she looked upThere was no sunAnd day after dayThere was no lightGuiding her wayOr setting her courseHopeless she looked downAnd fell into remorse. And she pondered…All the daysContinue reading “The Movement of Faith”

Green Snap

Sown into the earthForced to emergeI have no choiceBut to stand tallBe PresentAccounted for. Stuck in the lifeless muckWanting desperately to soarBut I am not an eagleI am just a stalk of corn. Like the othersI am the sameTogether we have grownIn the sun and the rain. I look at my neighborsThey look neighborly atContinue reading “Green Snap”

Morning dreaming

I want to plant seeds of truth in people’s hearts. I want to water them with love. It’s funny that I grew up on farm and I barely planted anything but I have this deep hunger to create a space of love and truth for people to become their best selves. I want us toContinue reading “Morning dreaming”


I have written 50 truths in a book called “Let Food be Thy Gift.” Truth 2: Rest and Remember I am begging you to stop listening to the nonsense. Health does not start with a diet or workout. Health starts with the love and truth that lives inside of us, and that sets us freeContinue reading “REST AND REMEMBER”


I bow down with heartfelt praiseTo thank you for these glorious days Though I stood and did not runFollowing the way of the sun I obeyed my grand designLiving my short life as a sign That the master can use to teachAnd the Spirit can use to beseech To follow Truth with grace and humilityJoyfullyContinue reading “Sunflower”

Come and See

“The power of imagination is to see things whole, to see things clearly, to see things with sanctity, to see things with love.” Wendell Berry Fifity Truths needed to restore health. Truth 1 Where does health begin?Health begins with the remembrance of who we are and how we are naturally designed as human beings toContinue reading “Come and See”

Nature’s Purity

“In nature, everything is unconditional obedience. The sighing of the wind, the echo of the forest, the murmuring of the brook, the hum of summer, the whispering of the leaves, the hiss of the grass, every sound, every sound you hear, it is all compliance, unconditional obedience, so that in it you can hear GodContinue reading “Nature’s Purity”

I have never…

I have never studied the stars like VincentOr made the woods my home like Thoreau.I have never studied language like HamannOr studied The Word like Kierkegaard.I have never imitated The Way like MertonOr embraced poverty like Dorothy Day.I have never loved the little ones like Mr RogersOr led with vulnerability like Nouwen.I have never knownContinue reading “I have never…”