Catchwords and Slogans

Rhetoric is easy and today’s slogans must be closely examined before we (Christians) use them to avoid speaking idle words and sinning, and also to ensure we (Americans) are not using them to deflect, defend, disassociate or deny truth, replace logic and avoid our responsibility to look at our modern world, our current issues andContinue reading “Catchwords and Slogans”


Sloth may disguise itself as “conscientious work” and meet with various forms of public approval or success. But work that is not motivated by love for the life of the community, beyond the temporal and spatial confines of one’s own small life, cannot free either worker or community from profound anxiety. Ellen F. Davis

God didn’t make girls

God didn’t make girlsFor boysTo find their worth in menOr to be given their worth by men God didn’t make girlsTo be a man’s emotional tamponTo get them to churchTo complete menTo satisfy their superficial pleasuresTo entertain or tolerate any form of objectificationTo justify their existenceOr make them feel better about their arrogance or ignorance.Continue reading “God didn’t make girls”

Chesterton was right

“Chesterton predicted the disappearance of democracy and private property, and the rise of a slave society which might be called either capitalist or Communist.” —George Orwell “It cannot be too often repeated that what destroyed the Family in the modern world was Capitalism. No doubt it might have been Communism, if Communism had ever hadContinue reading “Chesterton was right”

Who is the most entitled to their entitlement?

The most entitled to their entitlement are consumers and the truth is that we are all the most entitled, because we are all consumers. Consequently as consumers, we are nothing but entitled and just like every other red blooded consumer, we believe that we are entitled to consume what we want, when we want, howContinue reading “Who is the most entitled to their entitlement?”