Come on

Fight, struggle, strain and give everything you have been given to be the absolute best human being you can possibly be. As you do this, you will lose what was needed to be lost. You will shed what was keeping you from growing and you will prevent yourself from getting stuck in the mire andContinue reading “Come on”

We have forgotten

As long as we have forgotten that everything we have ever been given is a gift, then we will continue to compete, compare and complain. Consequently, our hypocrisy will shine like the sun and our callous hearts will grow harder and harder. But if we 🛑 and take big inhale of free air and startContinue reading “We have forgotten”

Talking vs Speaking Love

Remember- there is a difference between talking and sharing your experience, strength and hope.Of course we (Christians) are familiar with Jesus’s warnings about the use of our tongues and our idle words (words that are spoken to guilt, shame, humilate, boast, brag, incite fear or violence, encourage gluttony, pride and mindless consuming, nourish nonsense, offerContinue reading “Talking vs Speaking Love”

Definitions, Distinctions and Ignorance

There is a huge difference between words like truth, belief, faith, hope and trust. The definitions of these words matter because distinctions matter. However, we can only make distinctions when we recover the definitions of terms and we acknowledge and embrace our humility by admitting there are a lot of things that we do notContinue reading “Definitions, Distinctions and Ignorance”

Daily Prayers

Pray for resurrection of life, love and truth. Pray for renewal of hope, imagination, trust, curiosity, love of learning, love of self and neighbor and the willingness to live and die for something more than power, political parties, money and status. Pray for the recovery of personal responsibility for our spirits, hearts, minds, bodies andContinue reading “Daily Prayers”


The question we must ask ourselves over and over is “Who can give us eyes to see?” We have gotten so used to looking at stuff but never really seeking or seeing truth. Doesn’t this seem ironic since looking seems to be the one thing we do all the time. Last week, I was toldContinue reading “Mud”