Summer Prayer

Let me be transparent as the airfor your love to pass through me Help me to embrace my weaknessso my neighbors can know your strength Plant your holy spirit in my souland pluck out the weeds that remain Cover my fragility with your powerKeep me vulnerable to your presenceShine out of me like the morningContinue reading “Summer Prayer”

Professing Life

Believing it to be just a clump of cells  We call it what we want  And do what we want We ask… “What do these cells mean to me?” We say… “My body my choice to do whatever I want” Regardless of what my choices produce Or how my choices impact my neighbor. We justContinue reading “Professing Life”

My God

My God is the creatorOf all creationsOf all creaturesHis creativity has no end Nature in all her gloryTestifies to God’s faithfulnesspeace, patience, gentlenessSelf-control and goodness Even more, to his glory and beautyAnd infinite imaginationWhich is given to us to seeTouch, smell, hear and taste The green grassThe sunshineThe blue skyAre more than sublime They areContinue reading “My God”