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Excerpt from Let Food Be Thy Gift Questions Part of my purpose is to ask questions to encourage a real conversation that gets below our everyday chatter about things like food and exercise. I want to help you see how we have been taught to use things to avoid our own truth. Honestly, I thinkContinue reading “Questions”

Food Talk

Excerpt from Let Food Be Thy Gift Food Talk Obviously, we can’t avoid food talk because we can’t avoid food. We need food to live but for most of us, food has become a bit of an obsession. We are taught that food is the key to achieving our weight loss goals and according toContinue reading “Food Talk”

Misinformation Overload

Excerpt from Let Food be Thy Gift Misinformation Overload We are being crushed by information overload and by our own miserable experiences with diets. Diets have been so defeating that just the word “diet” makes most of us recoil with thoughts of skinless tasteless chicken breast, dry salads, green drinks, protein powders and hunger pains.Continue reading “Misinformation Overload”

Peter Maurin(1877-1949)

I have discovered Peter by way of Dorothy Day. Very thought provoking and completely applicable to explain where we find ourselves today…pretending there is a moral high ground in identity politics, believing war can make peace and that the government can save us from consuming this world and ourselves to death. When Christ is KingContinue reading “Peter Maurin(1877-1949)”

Ash Wednesday

“Ash Wednesday is for people who know that it means for their soul to be logged with these icy waters: all of us are such people, if only we can realize it. There is confidence everywhere in Ash Wednesday, yet that does not mean unmixed and untroubled security. The confidence of the Christian is alwaysContinue reading “Ash Wednesday”

Praying for Lent

The Lenten prayer for this week is written by Trappist monk Thomas Merton. It is from fromThoughts in Solitude (1958). My Lord God, I have no idea where I am going.I do not see the road ahead of me.I cannot know for certain where it will end.Nor do I really know myself,and the fact that I thinkContinue reading “Praying for Lent”

Let it be me

Let it be me Who opens my eyes To receive the beauty Filling the skies Let it be me Who opens my mouth To eat the truth That you speak out Let it me  Who opens my ears To the sounds of silence Flowing through tears Let it be me  Who opens my heart ToContinue reading “Let it be me”


Am I entitled to use cottonI do not growAm I entitled to wear clothesI do not sew Am I entitled to harvest seedsI do not plantAm I entitled to eat foodNot grown on my land Am I entitled to drink waterI do not drawAm I entitled to love of a FatherI do not call AmContinue reading “ENTITLED”

Who Are You Listening To?

Excerpt from Let Food Be Thy Gift Who are you listening to? Advice detached from love, truth and intimate relationships is easy to market, sell and consume because it tastes and feels good. But it does little to provide the deep nourishment that we desperately need to live as we are designed, to be healthyContinue reading “Who Are You Listening To?”


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