Holy Temples

Part 4, still dirt, The Dirt Story continues. How does bad dirt or good dirt become sacred ground, and live as a holy temple? These were the questions that I needed to dig into because these were the questions that I had struggled with for most of my life. At this point, I was awareContinue reading “Holy Temples”

Good Dirt

Part 3 of A Dirt Story Planting a garden seems easy enough, that is until you start gardening. Who ever knew just how important dirt was to a plant living or dying? Particularly, when you are trying to garden organically and trust in the Divine‚Äôs movement through creation to provide everything the sower and theContinue reading “Good Dirt”


As I have watered my pile of dirt, I have thought about this strange substance that serves as a womb to seeds. Am I really to believe that in this dark and warm matter lives the power to give life to lifeless looking things? To my eye, dirt looks so basic and simple. Still, IContinue reading “Weeding”

A Dirt Story

As you can see, this is a pile of dirt. Jason and I have made several of these large piles in which we are attempting the three sisters method of growing. However in this particular dirt pile, I have planted the teeny-tinniest flower seeds that I water daily hoping that I am not just wateringContinue reading “A Dirt Story”