Fed A Lie: Truth Sets You Free

The Truth will set us free but first we must be able to give it and receive it. But I wonder if the truth is too hard for us to swallow and we must first rebuild the muscles in our mouths to chew it and strengthen our stomachs to handle it? Perhaps, we are atContinue reading “Fed A Lie: Truth Sets You Free”

Fed A Lie, Directly Speaking

Fed A Lie, Chapter 2 Directly Speaking For weeks, I watched mainstream media try to do something that they have not done since 9/11 and that is have a real conversation about an issue threatening the lives of every single person regardless of position, privilege, politics, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic level, age, gender and location, andContinue reading “Fed A Lie, Directly Speaking”

Fed A Lie: Diet-related disease and sickness and the Coronavirus

Excerpt from Fed A Lie Diet-related disease and sickness and the Coronavirus Prior to the Coronavirus Pandemic, the world was dealing with its own self-inflicted epidemic. Of course, we didn’t (for some strange reason) give 11 million global deaths a year from diet-related disease and sickness nonstop international media coverage, keep up with its daily,Continue reading “Fed A Lie: Diet-related disease and sickness and the Coronavirus”

Fed A Lie

A Truth: Truth always creates the space to start over. This truth should give us much hope when it comes to us and our health because health starts with truth and with knowing the truth of who we are and how we are naturally designed to live. As I have lived and made lots ofContinue reading “Fed A Lie”