Christian, Conservative and Liberal

I am more conservativeThan most conservativesAnd more liberalThan most liberals Christianly speaking, I am less ChristianThan most ChristiansAnd a worse sinner than most sinners.Strangely enough, this might actually reveal that I am in desperate need of a liberal amount of God’s restraining grace, steadfast love, mercy and forgiveness. I have to admit that, more thanContinue reading “Christian, Conservative and Liberal”

That Voice

Yesterday, I was standing in the candle aisle at Home Goods when I heard a voice call out a name. The moment I heard the woman speak, I knew she was calling a child’s name. By the third time she repeated the name, I heard the “voice.” Without saying a word, I immediately stepped intoContinue reading “That Voice”

Catchwords and Slogans

Rhetoric is empty, nonsensical and completely useless when it is void of logic and proper definitions of words, common sense and critical thinking. Even worse, rhetoric is dangerous when it is void of truth and is disconnected from steadfast love, justice and righteousness. It is easy to repeat rhetoric that has been fragmented and reducedContinue reading “Catchwords and Slogans”


Sloth may disguise itself as “conscientious work” and meet with various forms of public approval or success. But work that is not motivated by love for the life of the community, beyond the temporal and spatial confines of one’s own small life, cannot free either worker or community from profound anxiety. Ellen F. Davis