Catchwords and Slogans

Rhetoric is easy and today’s slogans must be closely examined before we (Christians) use them to avoid speaking idle words and sinning, and also to ensure we (Americans) are not using them to deflect, defend, disassociate or deny truth, replace logic and avoid our responsibility to look at our modern world, our current issues andContinue reading “Catchwords and Slogans”

God didn’t make girls

God didn’t make girlsFor boysTo find their worth in menOr to be given their worth by men God didn’t make girlsTo be a man’s emotional tamponTo get them to churchTo complete menTo satisfy their superficial pleasuresTo entertain or tolerate any form of objectificationTo justify their existenceOr make them feel better about their arrogance or ignorance.Continue reading “God didn’t make girls”

Who is the most entitled to their entitlement?

The most entitled to their entitlement are consumers and the truth is that we are all the most entitled, because we are all consumers. Consequently as consumers, we are nothing but entitled and just like every other red blooded consumer, we believe that we are entitled to consume what we want, when we want, howContinue reading “Who is the most entitled to their entitlement?”

Injustice and Totalism

Just reading and pondering, and trying not to quickly read over Paul’s words in Romans but take them in and ask some questions. It seems like I have landed on the word injustice and so I ask myself if I am filled with “every injustice” or what that means, how could that be, why andContinue reading “Injustice and Totalism”

Our contradictions are killing us

The state agricultural department instructs us to spray a poison to kill the grass in order to plant a native wildflower garden. The road department leaves years of trash on the roadside but not the trees or bushes. We grow crops to feed cows, and cows to feed diet-related disease and sickness. The government subsidizesContinue reading “Our contradictions are killing us”

The Present Economy

“The present economy, by means of its purchases of governmental power, weighs invariably against the natural world; against working people, small farmers, and locally-owned small businesses; and against the life, integrity, beauty, and dignity of communities, both rural and urban. It is destroying our country. And this has come to be very much a two-partyContinue reading “The Present Economy”

Telling the Truth

Our sins are paltry Our insights dim Our wisdom is missing Our worship a sin Our knowledge is wanting Our commentary dumb Our opinions mean nothing When our hearts are numb Our play is destructive Our work wasted Our mouths are open tombs We have disgraced grace Our minds are dull Our necks are stiffContinue reading “Telling the Truth”

Looking for hope

“In this difficult time of failed public expectations, when thoughtful people wonder where to look for hope, I keep returning in my own mind to the thought of the renewal of the rural communities. I know that one revived rural community would be more convincing and more encouraging than all the government and university programsContinue reading “Looking for hope”

Born to dance

“We dance for laughter, we dance for tears, we dance for madness, we dance for fears, we dance for hopes, we dance for screams, we are the dancers, we create the dreams.”-Albert Einstein “Good work finds the way between pride and despair. It graces with health. It heals with grace. It preserves the given soContinue reading “Born to dance”

Trust and Community

“Community is built on the unity, of whole, healthy and holy individuals, who are the whole and the wholeness of the one. For a true community to be founded in the first place and to be healthy and sustainable, it must rest on the bedrock of mutual trust among its members, as eloquently penned byContinue reading “Trust and Community”