Bootcamps- Bah humbug

Let me be frank. Better yet, let me be DeeAnn and speak directly and honestly to you about bootcamps. I wrote this post about 7 years ago and have decided to revisit it, because I feel as strongly today about bootcamps as I did 7 years ago. My intention in writing a post like thisContinue reading “Bootcamps- Bah humbug”

Health Starts With Rest

Excerpt from Let Food Be Thy Gift Health Starts With Rest Health does not start with food, calories or workouts. Blueberries, burpees, miles, calories, points, strength, six-packs, bikini bodies, diets, programs and/or formulas cannot deliver us, save us, satisfy our deep needs or answer our real fears. This is the reason why health does not andContinue reading “Health Starts With Rest”

A Foolish Economy

“The folly at the root of this foolish economy began with the idea that a corporation should be regarded, legally, as ‘a person.’ But the limitless destructiveness of this economy comes about precisely because a corporation is not a person. A corporation, essentially, is a pile of money to which a number of persons haveContinue reading “A Foolish Economy”

Summer and Fall

Fall beginsSummer endsSeasons changeTime is sand Troubles remainHope is staleAnger rises upDivisions prevail Opinions run amuckRevealing ignoranceMan can’t stopFeeding his arrogance Creation burnsFields drownGreat trees stand helplessPoisons saturate the ground Icecaps are meltingThe oceans warmHurricanes churnViruses swarm Waste overflowsInto our landsTurning from TruthWe wash our hands To demand our rightsRefusing responsibilityBlind to our idolatryCondoning ourContinue reading “Summer and Fall”

Thoughts on a Thursday

The state agricultural department instructs us to spray a poison to kill the grass to plant a native wildflower garden. The road department leaves years of trash on the roadside but not the trees or bushes. We grow crops to feed cows, and cows to feed diet-related disease and sickness. The government subsidizes foods thatContinue reading “Thoughts on a Thursday”

Health and Wholeness

Excerpt from Let Food Be Thy Gift Health and Wholeness We not only need to have an honest conversation to stop the health epidemics that we are experiencing in our country, but we will have to work together to return to common sense and a basic understanding of who we are and how we areContinue reading “Health and Wholeness”

The Diagnosis

Excerpt from : Let Food Be Thy Gift Aren’t we tired of being diagnosed? How many times have we been diagnosed in order for the person who diagnosed us to deliver us with their programs and formulas that they guarantee will fix us, change us, help us and save us…if only they can control usContinue reading “The Diagnosis”

The Fall of Food

Essay #3 in Let food Be Thy Gift. The Fall of Food In the 5th Century, Hippocrates of Cos, who is considered the father of Western medicine said, “Let food be thy medicine be thy food.” The context of this quote has been argued for centuries. However Hippocrates meant it, this quote has now beenContinue reading “The Fall of Food”