Nature As Measure

For a long time now we have understood ourselves as traveling toward some sort of industrial paradise, some new Eden conceived and constructed entirely by human ingenuity. And we have thought ourselves free to use and abuse nature in any way that might further this enterprise. Now we face overwhelming evidence that we are notContinue reading “Nature As Measure”

Foundational Truths

Because environmental, physical, spiritual, emotional, mental and relational health are interconnected, interdependent and interrelated, they are built, sustained, encouraged and nourished by the same foundational truths. Read the following excerpt thinking about the epidemics of diet-related disease and sickness. There is a reason why we are experiencing an environmental crisis, it is because we areContinue reading “Foundational Truths”

Eating is a responsibility as much as it is a right

“To eat responsibly is to understand and enact, so far as one can, this complex relationship. What can one do? Here is a list, probably not definitive: 1. Participate in food production to the extent that you can. If you have a yard or even just a porch box or a pot in a sunnyContinue reading “Eating is a responsibility as much as it is a right”

I am wholly part of the problem

I listened to this essay on the way home from Knoxville. Time and time again, I am confronted by my own ignorance and arrogance, and how I believe, feel, think and live in a world being destroyed by my own participation in the current economy. Listen to Chapter 2: The ecological crisis as a crisisContinue reading “I am wholly part of the problem”

“the real names of global warming are Waste and Greed”

I am posting this article because as I have thought and pondered diet-related disease and sickness, I have realized it is both reflected and determined by the monoculture in which we all have been born into and now live, move and have our being. Obviously, I am not the first to realize what a wasteContinue reading ““the real names of global warming are Waste and Greed””

Healthy contempt

“Conservation is getting nowhere because it is incompatible with our Abrahamic concept of land. We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect. There is no other way for landContinue reading “Healthy contempt”

Where does change start

“The [ancients], wanting to clarify and diffuse throughout the empire that light which comes from looking straight into the heart and then acting, first set up good government in their own states; wanting good government in their own states, they first established order in their own families; wanting order in the home, they first disciplinedContinue reading “Where does change start”

My Brothers and Sisters

I wish I had the prose Of Henry David ThoreauAnd walking was my WayTo see the Wild run and play Then Nature would be my placeTo receive manna and graceGrowing my spirit wide and deep From her food and sleep Perhaps, I’d be quiet and stillTo practice the skillsOf laying downDigging in the groundDrinking fromContinue reading “My Brothers and Sisters”

Vincent, my brother

If there’s one who gives words to everything that I feel, then it is my brother Vincent Van Gogh. Perhaps, in the end it is Vincent’s art that has been the way to his most valuable gift- The Truth found in his collection of letters to his brother, family and friends. I love Vincent andContinue reading “Vincent, my brother”

A tree really isn’t me

Poetry is writtenBallads are sungMasterpieces are paintedPraise rolls off the tongue To trees and their majestyTo their long suffering and beautyThese witnesses of truth stand tallObeying their divine duty What reader doesn’t knowTolkien, Hesse and RilkeGibran, Emerson and BlakeAll adored the humble tree Perhaps, I should aspire to beA genius for a seasonIf I knewContinue reading “A tree really isn’t me”