Let your light shine

Can we stop using labels to describe ourselves and others? Why you ask? Because they are not only disconnecting us, inciting fear, roadblocking relationships and sabotaging communities but they are stunting our own personal growth and development. I am so tired of labels. They are beyond ridiculous and they do not- in anyway communicate- whoContinue reading “Let your light shine”


“It is the most basic human loneliness that threatens us and is so hard to face. Too often we will do everything possible to avoid the confrontation with the experience of being alone, and sometimes we are able to create the most ingenious devices to prevent ourselves from being reminded of this condition. Our cultureContinue reading “Loneliness”

The Diagnosis

Excerpt from : Let Food Be Thy Gift Aren’t we tired of being diagnosed? How many times have we been diagnosed in order for the person who diagnosed us to deliver us with their programs and formulas that they guarantee will fix us, change us, help us and save us…if only they can control usContinue reading “The Diagnosis”

Receive and Give Truth

Remember The Truth- this is what we build our practice on. We have been misled. Health doesn’t start with a diet, workout, supplement, shake, medication, detox, herbs, super foods, the right information, mantras, meditation, mindfulness, coaches or experts. Health does not even start with a doctor. Health is not a result. There is no magicContinue reading “Receive and Give Truth”

Do you want the truth or to be right?

“We are all convinced that we desire the truth above all. Nothing strange about this. It is natural to man, an intelligent being, to desire the truth. (I still dare to speak of man as “an intelligent being”!) But actually, what we desire is not “the truth” so much as “to be in the right.”Continue reading “Do you want the truth or to be right?”

Yes To Life, In spite of everything – Viktor Frankl

“It was Kierkegaard who told the wise parable that the door to happiness always opens “outward,” which means it closes itself precisely against the person who tries to push the door to happiness “inward,” so to speak. I once had two world-weary people sitting opposite me—as chance would have it, at the same time—a manContinue reading “Yes To Life, In spite of everything – Viktor Frankl”

Logically Thinking

“From this basic experience one can, after all, recover hope for the other dimension of man’s life: the political. Even though we have the power to destroy the whole world, life is stronger than the death instinct and love is stronger than hate. It does not make logical sense to be too hopeful, but onceContinue reading “Logically Thinking”

Thomas Merton on Sanity

“A devout memory of Adolf Eichmann” “One of the most disturbing facts that came out in the Eichmann trial was that a psychiatrist examined him and pronounced him perfectly sane. I do not doubt it all, and that is precisely why I find it disturbing. If all the Nazis had been psychotics, as some ofContinue reading “Thomas Merton on Sanity”

Restoration of Words

One of the most important things we can do to today (besides Love God will all our heart mind, soul and strength and love our neighbor as myself is) is to redeem words, which is…an act of loving God, ourselves and our neighbor! Words Matter! Our language as Johann Hamaan said in his dismantling ofContinue reading “Restoration of Words”

My Hope-My Calling

I am sharing a thought provoking series called “Let Food Be Thy Gift.” My hope is that we can start to address our participation in our own sickness and disease by resurrecting the definition and sacred understanding of health, the honoring and respecting our bodies as holy temples through the receiving and giving of foodContinue reading “My Hope-My Calling”