Come Close

I paint with words Without a sound So Come and See behind my frown There is more than what meets the eye. Beneath my skin A story is told From today and backwards Till days of old Flowing from eternity’s side The mingling of water and blood Creating the creature and creation Breathing life intoContinue reading “Come Close”

We did it our way- now look at the results

At some point, we are going to have to understand that we cannot outsmart the way we are naturally designed to Breathe, Listen, Ask, Look and Move. If we deprive our design of the things that we need, then our spirits, hearts, minds and bodies will make up for that deprivation somewhere, somehow and someway.Continue reading “We did it our way- now look at the results”

Earth Day

To celebrate Earth day, I give you the Third Commandment of The Ten Commandments and an excerpt from Wendell Berry’s 2005 essay, The Burden of the Gospels. “To be convinced of the sanctity of the world, and to be mindful of a human vocation to responsible membership in such a world, must always have beenContinue reading “Earth Day”

Are you sabotaging yourself?

Excerpt from Let Food Be Thy Gift Are you sabotaging yourself? Health doesn’t start with a diet, workout, supplement, shake, medication, detox, herbs, super foods, the right information, mantras, meditation, mindfulness, coaches or experts. Health does not even start with a doctor. Health is not a result. There is no magic formula that you canContinue reading “Are you sabotaging yourself?”

Trust Starts With Love and Truth

excerpt for Let food Be Thy Gift Trust starts with love and truth What are the results being produced by programs and formulas? What are we taught to value and the definitions of success that we are encouraged to believe? What have competition, consumerism and control produced in our cultures, communities, families and individual selves?Continue reading “Trust Starts With Love and Truth”

You Are A Gift

Excerpt from Let Food be Thy Gift You are a gift Who are you? You are a gift. You are a beautiful, amazing and unique gift given to this world. There is something completely different about you that allows divine love to shine through you and to be a light to the world. You areContinue reading “You Are A Gift”

Consumerism- our real religion

Fact-We are all religious. Fact-What we “do” is what overflows from our religious beliefs. The question is not “Am religious?” but “What religion am I practicing?” To begin with let’s define religion According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary Definition of religion 1a: the state of a religious b: (1): the service and worship of God orContinue reading “Consumerism- our real religion”

Create the space to know thyself

Excerpt from Let Food Be Thy Gift Create the space to know thyself We are either our worst enemy or our best friend. If we cannot love and care for ourselves in healthy and natural ways, then we will always give that type of care away. For better or for worse, who we are andContinue reading “Create the space to know thyself”

So, you want to talk about health

“The definition of terms is the beginning of wisdom.” -Socrates  Believing this to be true, let’s talk about health. Health is not a result.  Health does not begin with food or exercise. We have been tinkering with what we eat, how we eat, when we eat, why we eat and how much we eat forContinue reading “So, you want to talk about health”

Kierkegaard applied to health and wellness

In the mid 1800’s Søren Kierkegaard wrote about the invention of Christian scholarship to distract Christians from imitating the way, the truth and the life of Christ. In recent years, I have come to the conclusion that we can easily apply Soren’s candid and accurate observations about Christian scholarship to just about everything under theContinue reading “Kierkegaard applied to health and wellness”