Bring in the clowns

There’s no simple way to unpack what we are now witnessing in this political circus, and how we are participating in this political circus. Is this a reflection of our culture? Absolutely! Are we to blame? Absolutely, by both omission and commission. Three books could help us make sense of all this and help usContinue reading “Bring in the clowns”

On language

“The misuse of language induces evil in the soul.” Socrates

Remember Truth

The reason for evil in the world is that people are not able to tell their stories.Carl Gustav Jung We can keep our walls up and even build new ones, so that we can easily pretend the problem is with those on the other side or we can create the space of truth and loveContinue reading “Remember Truth”

Remember Who You Are

Remember The Truth Our lives are means to a perfect end. There are no bookends but the beginning, middle and end are cradled in Eternity, infused with divinity. Like creation, we are the medium in which the Divine indirectly passes through wrapped in swaddling clothes, hidden in our language, feelings, thoughts and actions. Our bodiesContinue reading “Remember Who You Are”

Accountability vs Responsibility

Words matter. Time matters. Energy matters. Why? Because our space, time, energy and words are finite, and it matters how, why, where and who we share these gifts. Today, I want to use my time, energy and words to discuss the difference between accountability and responsibility. Personally, the word accountability makes my skin crawl. Perhaps,Continue reading “Accountability vs Responsibility”

Ready to be delivered?

Every day we are being diagnosed and every day we are being offered a delivery formula. The formula goes something “If you do (this), then you get (these results).” You are overweight, here’s a diet. You are weak, here’s an insane exercise program. You are stressed, here’s a pill. You are wrinkly, here’s a cream.Continue reading “Ready to be delivered?”

Fastest ways to loose weight

Being in the diet and fitness industry for 25 years and alive for 46 years, I have seen people shed some real pounds. In thinking about weight loss, I thought I would share with you the 6 fastest ways that I have seen people lose weight. This is not click bait this is the absoluteContinue reading “Fastest ways to loose weight”

David Foster Wallace, witness of truth

I am kind of on a David Foster Wallace dig. One thing is for sure, as of last night, is that I will never eat a lobster again. I have to admit that I have not read very much by Wallace. I have listened to videos, watched the movie, read quotes and am just nowContinue reading “David Foster Wallace, witness of truth”

Big Tech knows we’re sick

Do you think there’s a chance that big tech will ever be held accountable for the addictive technologies they produce when the government has done nothing to regulate the junk food that has flowed for decades into our homes, groceries, schools, businesses and communities to cause the epidemics of diet-related disease and sickness. We areContinue reading “Big Tech knows we’re sick”

Know Thyself

Perhaps, you have heard the maxim “Know Thyself.” It has been around for a long time and likely originated in 6th century BC in Ancient Egypt from the proverb of the External Temple that said “Man, know thyself, and you are going to know the gods.” The pushing, prodding and innate desire for man andContinue reading “Know Thyself”