We cannot control what is happening but we can control how we are responding to whatever is happening. It is important to remember that we do have a choice and we can choose to respond with truth and love, even in the worst of circumstances. Yet, the ONLY way we can make the choice toContinue reading “Responding”

Summer and Fall

Fall beginsSummer endsSeasons changeTime is sand Troubles remainHope is staleAnger rises upDivisions prevail Opinions run amuckRevealing ignoranceMan can’t stopFeeding his arrogance Creation burnsFields drownGreat trees stand helplessPoisons saturate the ground Icecaps are meltingThe oceans warmHurricanes churnViruses swarm Waste overflowsInto our landsTurning from TruthWe wash our hands To demand our rightsRefusing responsibilityBlind to our idolatryCondoning ourContinue reading “Summer and Fall”

Let’s talk about masks and vaccines

Disclaimer: there are those who have not been vaccinated because of medical conditions and for other legitimate reasons. I have discussed my own reluctance to be vaccinated early on and admitted my own ignorance and arrogance. At this point, I do not believe there is any biblical argument that can be made by “christians” againstContinue reading “Let’s talk about masks and vaccines”

Henri Nouwen

The Search for Belonging When productivity is our main way of overcoming self-doubt, we are extremely vulnerable to rejection and criticism and prone to inner anxiety and depression. Productivity can never give the deep sense of belonging we crave. The more we produce, the more we realize that successes and results cannot give us theContinue reading “Henri Nouwen”


Where is our shame?Is it lost?Hidden in the fig leavesTo avoid at all cost? Do we use God’s giftsFor such a dangerous thingTo defend and distract usFrom our shame? Have we forgotten shame’s faceIs but a reflection of our disgrace?Do we refuse to look and seeAnd deny Truth’s grace? Do we now call shame anotherContinue reading “Shame”

Clowns, Crowds-Facebook

As I was debating my participation on Facebook and what seems like the biggest waste of time, energy and brain cells, and how I have tried for 7 years to prick the spirits, minds and hearts of a faceless crowd, I thought about Søren Kierkegaard’s quote. “A fire broke out backstage in a theatre. TheContinue reading “Clowns, Crowds-Facebook”

Fly, you fools!

The Balrog reached the bridge. Gandalf stood in the middle of the span, leaning on the staff in his left hand, but in his other hand Glamdring gleamed, cold and white. His enemy halted again, facing him, and the shadow about it reached out like two vast wings. It raised the whip, and the thongsContinue reading “Fly, you fools!”

I am angry…

Passing one of our big churches today I ran across this significant slogan, calculated to impress the passing wayfarer: ‘We Will Go Out of Business. When? When Every Man in Detroit Has Been Won to Christ.’ Of course it is just a slogan and not to be taken too seriously, but the whole weakness ofContinue reading “I am angry…”

A Prayer For the Simplicity of Life and Love

This is a prayer from New Seeds of Contemplation by Thomas Merton that I find to be moving, challenging and intriguing. Take a moment to be drawn in to the Spirit as you read this prayer. “Justify my soul, O God, but also from Your fountains fill my will with your fire. Shine in myContinue reading “A Prayer For the Simplicity of Life and Love”

What are you talking about?

Everything is is interconnected, interrelated and interdependent. Therefore, health, agriculture, rural or urban development, the economy, community, consumerism, the culture, education, growing and producing, giving and receiving, religion and politics are interconnected, interrelated and interdependent. To talk or to not talk about one of these things is to talk about all things. More than ever,Continue reading “What are you talking about?”