Prayer for Healing

My prayer for 2022 is that this year will be the year of healing. I am not only praying for this, but I will be working towards this because I know that healing can only happen when we return to foundational truths and we practice these basic truths over and over in thought, word andContinue reading “Prayer for Healing”


What is fear?How does it impact your life?How does it determine what you doWhat reasons does it give for strife? What is your fear?Fear of missing outFear of fearFear of painFear of failingFear of succeedingFear of your own fleshFear of the worldFear of the futureFear of the pastFear of the presentFear of manFear of SatanFearContinue reading “Fear”

Morning prayers

Justify my soul, O God, but also from Your fountains fill my will with fire. Shine in my mind, although perhaps this means “be darkness to my experience,” but occupy my heart with Your tremendous Life. Let my eyes see nothing in the world but Your glory, and let my hands touch nothing that isContinue reading “Morning prayers”

Consuming to our doom

Yesterday, I listened to a pretty terrifying but informative podcast on Joe Rogan with Tristan Harris. Say what you will about Joe Rogan, at least he has created the space for people to speak about issues who are not being given any airtime on mass media platforms. I don’t know if you remember butContinue reading “Consuming to our doom”

Bootcamps- Bah humbug

Let me be frank. Better yet, let me be DeeAnn and speak directly and honestly to you about bootcamps. I wrote this post about 7 years ago and have decided to revisit it, because I feel as strongly today about bootcamps as I did 7 years ago. My intention in writing a post like thisContinue reading “Bootcamps- Bah humbug”

Covered and smothered in gratitude

“BE Thankful”- We have heard it and we have said it countless times, especially on a day like Thanksgiving. If the truth be known, then we don’t just expect ourselves to be thankful, but we expect our kids, spouses, siblings, children, parents, employees, employers and basically everyone that we share an interaction with to BEContinue reading “Covered and smothered in gratitude”

Health Starts With Rest

Excerpt from Let Food Be Thy Gift Health Starts With Rest Health does not start with food, calories or workouts. Blueberries, burpees, miles, calories, points, strength, six-packs, bikini bodies, diets, programs and/or formulas cannot deliver us, save us, satisfy our deep needs or answer our real fears. This is the reason why health does not andContinue reading “Health Starts With Rest”

It’s Easy

It’s easy to forgetWho we areAs we sit and stareInto the world’s abyss It’s easy to forgetWho Love isWhen feeling good replaces sacrificeAnd fighting the good fightIs more than thoughts and prayers It’s easy to forgetWho Truth isWhen we are busyTrying to fill the voidWith experiences It’s easy to forgetHow we are designed to beHealthyContinue reading “It’s Easy”

Profits over people

Yesterday, I listened to an important conversation about the need for social media to be held accountable for continuing to use technology to not only produce and promote the absolute worst feeds and content for users, but also for its inability to stop. The reason why it cannot stops because “the business model does notContinue reading “Profits over people”

Summer and Fall

Fall beginsSummer endsSeasons changeTime is sand Troubles remainHope is staleAnger rises upDivisions prevail Opinions run amuckRevealing ignoranceMan can’t stopFeeding his arrogance Creation burnsFields drownGreat trees stand helplessPoisons saturate the ground Icecaps are meltingThe oceans warmHurricanes churnViruses swarm Waste overflowsInto our landsTurning from TruthWe wash our hands To demand our rightsRefusing responsibilityBlind to our idolatryCondoning ourContinue reading “Summer and Fall”