Let it be me

Let it be me Who opens my eyes To receive the beauty Filling the skies Let it be me Who opens my mouth To eat the truth That you speak out Let it me  Who opens my ears To the sounds of silence Flowing through tears Let it be me  Who opens my heart ToContinue reading “Let it be me”

Who Are You Listening To?

Excerpt from Let Food Be Thy Gift Who are you listening to? Advice detached from love, truth and intimate relationships is easy to market, sell and consume because it tastes and feels good. But it does little to provide the deep nourishment that we desperately need to live as we are designed, to be healthyContinue reading “Who Are You Listening To?”

Look at the results

At some point, we are going to have to understand that we cannot outsmart the way we are naturally designed to Breathe, Listen, Ask, Look and Move. If we deprive our human being design of the things that we need, then our spirits, hearts, minds and bodies will make up for that deprivation somewhere, somehowContinue reading “Look at the results”

Let your light shine

Can we stop using labels to describe ourselves and others? Why you ask? Because they are not only disconnecting us, inciting fear, roadblocking relationships and sabotaging communities but they are stunting our own personal growth and development. I am so tired of labels. They are beyond ridiculous and they do not- in anyway communicate- whoContinue reading “Let your light shine”

Receive and Give Truth

Remember The Truth- this is what we build our practice on. We have been misled. Health doesn’t start with a diet, workout, supplement, shake, medication, detox, herbs, super foods, the right information, mantras, meditation, mindfulness, coaches or experts. Health does not even start with a doctor. Health is not a result. There is no magicContinue reading “Receive and Give Truth”

Yes To Life, In spite of everything – Viktor Frankl

“It was Kierkegaard who told the wise parable that the door to happiness always opens “outward,” which means it closes itself precisely against the person who tries to push the door to happiness “inward,” so to speak. I once had two world-weary people sitting opposite me—as chance would have it, at the same time—a manContinue reading “Yes To Life, In spite of everything – Viktor Frankl”


Lately, I have been thinking about cynicism and how it seems to suck the life right out of me when I hear it and even more so… when I participate in it. Cynicism is vacuous and devastating to growth, mercy, forgiveness, thanksgiving, creativity and relationships. (Basically, it is harmful to everything that is good, excellentContinue reading “Cynicism”

Cost of discipleship

Dietrich Bonhoeffer on faith and his book ‘Cost of Discipleship.’ Excerpt from Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s ‘Letters and Papers from Prison.’ “In the last few years I have come to know and understand more and more the profound this-worldliness of Christianity. The Christian is not a homo religiosus but simply a human being, in the same wayContinue reading “Cost of discipleship”

Epiphanies and Epidemics

Today, I mowed. Mowing is not my favorite. If I had my way, then I would plant a food forest, a wildflower garden, native bushes or trees in every yard in America, and I would never mow again. But…I mowed and as I mowed, I prayed and pondered, listened to music and even cried (oneContinue reading “Epiphanies and Epidemics”

What can we do today?

We cannot control what is happening but we can control how we are responding to whatever is happening. It is important to remember that we do have a choice and we can choose to respond with truth and love, even in the worst of circumstances. Yet, the ONLY way we can make the choice toContinue reading “What can we do today?”