Wednesday Prayers

Pray for resurrection of life, love and truth. Pray for renewal of hope, imagination, trust, curiosity, love of learning, love of self and neighbor and the willingness to live and die for something more than power, political parties, money and status. Pray for the recovery of personal responsibility for our spirits, hearts, minds, bodies andContinue reading “Wednesday Prayers”


The question we must ask ourselves over and over is what, or rather, who can give us eyes to see. We have gotten so used to looking but not really seeing truth. Doesn’t this seem ironic since looking seems to be the one thing we do all the time. Last week, I was told IContinue reading “Mud”

Professing Life

Believing it to be just a clump of cells  We call it what we want  And do what we want We ask… “What do these cells mean to me?” We say… “My body my choice to do whatever I want” Regardless of what my choices produce Or how my choices impact my neighbor. We justContinue reading “Professing Life”

Injustice and Totalism

Just reading and pondering, and trying not to quickly read over Paul’s words in Romans but take them in and ask some questions. It seems like I have landed on the word injustice and so I ask myself if I am filled with “every injustice” or what that means, how could that be, why andContinue reading “Injustice and Totalism”

Telling the Truth

Our sins are paltry Our insights dim Our wisdom is missing Our worship a sin Our knowledge is wanting Our commentary dumb Our opinions mean nothing When our hearts are numb Our play is destructive Our work wasted Our mouths are open tombs We have disgraced grace Our minds are dull Our necks are stiffContinue reading “Telling the Truth”

Costs of a growth economy

“Meanwhile, our attempt to maintain a “growth economy” in a measurably diminishing world is playing the devil with our traditional (and admirable) moral code, which our most prominent politicians now put to public use mainly to paint over our immoral behavior. We make war, we are told, for the love of peace. We subvert ourContinue reading “Costs of a growth economy”

Clowns, Crowds-Facebook

As I was debating my participation on Facebook and what seems like the biggest waste of time, energy and brain cells, and how I have tried for 7 years to prick the spirits, minds and hearts of a faceless crowd, I thought about Søren Kierkegaard’s quote. “A fire broke out backstage in a theatre. TheContinue reading “Clowns, Crowds-Facebook”


In 2015, I started writing about health and I haven’t stopped. Without a doubt, 2015 was an amazing time of digging and discovery, questioning everything and searching for truth. The only reason why 2015 became such an epic year for me is because of the loving and honest relationships that I was graciously given createdContinue reading “2015”


We have everything we wantWe want nothing that we needDare we legislate moralityAnd avoid our own idolatry Are we not permanently blindedBy the logs in our eyeHow can we not see our own sinAs we spread the serpent’s lies But, who among usCan cast a stoneWhen we all bow downTo our damn phone Brothers andContinue reading “Candace”

Schools Should Not Be Places of Tragedies But A Home Away From Home

It is unfortunate that the art, music and movies reflecting the values of our society are blamed for the behavior of kids and adults, when the behavior of kids and adults are reflecting the values of our society. Our children do not spend the majority of their time listening to music and watching movies. Instead,Continue reading “Schools Should Not Be Places of Tragedies But A Home Away From Home”