Eating is a responsibility as much as it is a right

“To eat responsibly is to understand and enact, so far as one can, this complex relationship. What can one do? Here is a list, probably not definitive: 1. Participate in food production to the extent that you can. If you have a yard or even just a porch box or a pot in a sunnyContinue reading “Eating is a responsibility as much as it is a right”

I am wholly part of the problem

I listened to this essay on the way home from Knoxville. Time and time again, I am confronted by my own ignorance and arrogance, and how I believe, feel, think and live in a world being destroyed by my own participation in the current economy. Listen to Chapter 2: The ecological crisis as a crisisContinue reading “I am wholly part of the problem”

“the real names of global warming are Waste and Greed”

I am posting this article because as I have thought and pondered diet-related disease and sickness, I have realized it is both reflected and determined by the monoculture in which we all have been born into and now live, move and have our being. Obviously, I am not the first to realize what a wasteContinue reading ““the real names of global warming are Waste and Greed””

Beware user of the social media gods

Social media platforms are now in the business of curating what they believe is right and wrong based on their fragmented understanding (aka philosophy) of right and wrong, truth and lies. (I don’t really blame them…I personally hate weight loss ads, diets and shaming people) but what this means… is that these social media platformsContinue reading “Beware user of the social media gods”

The foolish man built his house on the sand

It’s kind of hilarious and incredibly sad to think that if we lost our phone or the ability to access the internet that we would lose our so called “community.” In addition, to the fragile tie that binds us to our “friends”, I ask you to think about why neither Facebook nor any other socialContinue reading “The foolish man built his house on the sand”

The Alchemy of Human Design

Check out my book on kindle and remember how you are designed to be a human being. The Alchemy of Human Design, Remember who you are.

The Fall of Language and Words

“What is the good of words if they aren’t important enough to quarrel over? Why do we choose one word more than another if there isn’t any difference between them? If you called a woman a chimpanzee instead of an angel, wouldn’t there be a quarrel about a word? If you’re not going to argueContinue reading “The Fall of Language and Words”

Fed A Lie

Health is not an option or a lifestyle. Health is who we are and how we are designed to be and live as human beings. More than ever, we must either learn or remember that to recover our health requires us not just think differently, but to be completely different and to live completely differentContinue reading “Fed A Lie”

Holy Temples

Part 4, still dirt, The Dirt Story continues. How does bad dirt or good dirt become sacred ground, and live as a holy temple? These were the questions that I needed to dig into because these were the questions that I had struggled with for most of my life. At this point, I was awareContinue reading “Holy Temples”

Standing and Kneeling for Love

I find it interesting that what the Bible absolutely, and without a doubt, clearly teaches are often times the very things we REFUSE to do… which is love your neighbor, love your enemy, forgive the unforgivable, do not judge, do not fear, do not create divisions, and do not fight or wage wars (just toContinue reading “Standing and Kneeling for Love”