It’s ok to have failures. You don’t have to redefine it as anything other than a failure. It’s ok to have pain and it not be anything but painful. Breaking your toe doesn’t produce a better toe but just a lot of colorful language and a broken toe. It’s ok to feel and not respond.Continue reading “Truths”

Hide your label under a bush

Can we stop using labels to describe ourselves and others? Because it is not only disconnecting us, inciting fear, roadblocking relationships and sabotaging communities but it is stunting our own personal growth and development. I am so tired of labels. They are beyond ridiculous and they do not in anyway communicate who we really are,Continue reading “Hide your label under a bush”

Living what you believe

“All my work oriented to knowing does not touch my life at all, its desires, its passions, its selfishness, and leaves me completely unchanged—my action changes my life. Thus, however much an earlier age in Christendom may have erred, Christianly it nevertheless was, compared with our age, generally right when it immediately translated Christianity intoContinue reading “Living what you believe”


In the mid 1800s, Henry David Thoreau wrote “Life Without Principles” which addressed the consequences of choosing to consume nothing but the world’s information, other people’s affairs, and the daily news. Perhaps, this can help us to understand why we find ourselves knowing so much information but having so little wisdom. “I believe that theContinue reading “Thoreau”

The consequences of innovation

“What I am against – and without a minute’s hesitation or apology – is our slovenly willingness to allow machines and the idea of machines to prescribe the terms and conditions of the lives of creatures, which we have allowed increasingly over the last two centuries, and are still allowing, at an incalculable cost toContinue reading “The consequences of innovation”

My Body and My Earth

Six years ago, I went through a very hard season that forced me to be honest about how I was treating my body and why I was practicing a different belief system physically than I was spiritually. As I have pursued health and wholeness, I have naturally been reconnected internally and externally to the relationshipContinue reading “My Body and My Earth”

Wake up, Look up

I pray you are inspired today to look up and open your spirit, heart, mind and body to receive and give the gifts of love and truth. What inspires you to fight the good fight but trust in Love and Truth and it’s power to make all things new. Create the space. InspirationWhate’er we leaveContinue reading “Wake up, Look up”

When you know better

In moving back to Dellrose, it has allowed me to see and experience a new local food economy. No longer do I live less than 10 minutes from Trader Joe’s, now I live 20 minutes from a grocery store and 25 minutes from a city big enough to have a Walmart. For rural communities, WalmartContinue reading “When you know better”

Platitudes are Powerless

Platitudes taste good and they go down easy. Just like a piece of candy upon consumption, they give us a nice spike in our blood sugar to temporarily motivate us to do better and try harder. Platitudes can certainly give us a warm fussy feeling and a rush of emotion but in a few minutesContinue reading “Platitudes are Powerless”

Political Rules of Engagement

It is very easy to diagnose. All it takes is half a brain to look around and see a world full of people deluding and distracting ourselves from our own truths with food, entertainment, drugs, money, sex, politics, religion, sports, social media, entertainment, power, hobbies, information, anger and lots of opinions. It is obvious thatContinue reading “Political Rules of Engagement”