Profits over people

Yesterday, I listened to an important conversation about the need for social media to be held accountable for continuing to use technology to not only produce and promote the absolute worst feeds and content for users, but also for its inability to stop. The reason why it cannot stops because “the business model does notContinue reading “Profits over people”

Give up being a result

What brings you to the point to make a decision to quit the very place that offered, supported and displayed past achievements, a present job, the hope of a future career and a place where you could practice and teach “the right formula” that had given you some measure of personal success, security, comfort andContinue reading “Give up being a result”


We have everything we wantWe want nothing that we needDare we legislate moralityAnd avoid our own idolatry Are we not permanently blindedBy the logs in our eyeHow can we not see our own sinAs we spread the serpent’s lies But, who among usCan cast a stoneWhen we all bow downTo our damn phone Brothers andContinue reading “Candace”

You Are A Gift

Excerpt from Let Food be Thy Gift You are a gift Who are you? You are a gift. You are a beautiful, amazing and unique gift given to this world. There is something completely different about you that allows divine love to shine through you and to be a light to the world. You areContinue reading “You Are A Gift”

Fed A Lie

What’s up friends! So, Jason and I are starting a podcast to discuss a small book that I have written called Fed A Lie. In it, I take on the Lie that is at the root of our epidemics of diet-related sickness and disease. In Fed A Lie, I cover everything from the Coronavirus, ChildhoodContinue reading “Fed A Lie”

The Way of Fools

Salvation is free, but discipleship will cost you your life. Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Bring in the clowns

There’s no simple way to unpack what we are now witnessing in this political circus, and how we are participating in this political circus. Is this a reflection of our culture? Absolutely! Are we to blame? Absolutely, by both omission and commission. Three books could help us make sense of all this and help usContinue reading “Bring in the clowns”

On language

“The misuse of language induces evil in the soul.” Socrates

Accountability vs Responsibility

Words matter. Time matters. Energy matters. Why? Because our space, time, energy and words are finite, and it matters how, why, where and who we share these gifts. Today, I want to use my time, energy and words to discuss the difference between accountability and responsibility. Personally, the word accountability makes my skin crawl. Perhaps,Continue reading “Accountability vs Responsibility”

Big Tech knows we’re sick

Do you think there’s a chance that big tech will ever be held accountable for the addictive technologies they produce when the government has done nothing to regulate the junk food that has flowed for decades into our homes, groceries, schools, businesses and communities to cause the epidemics of diet-related disease and sickness. We areContinue reading “Big Tech knows we’re sick”