Wee Moed, Courage in Woe

Introducing…my first book of poetry called Wee Moed, which is from Vincent Van Gogh. “Let us not forget the text ‘sorrowful yet alway rejoicing’, ‘unknown and yet well known’, and write the word weemoed2 as two words, wee3 and moed4 and faith in God, who in His time can cause the loneliness which we sometimesContinue reading “Wee Moed, Courage in Woe”

Old White Men (Caucasians- if using proper definitions) Worth Your Time

From my own personal experience, these are some of the beautiful voices of truth, love and wisdom that have helped me to remember who I am and how I am naturally designed to be a healthy, whole and holy human being, encouraged me with the encouragement they were encouraged by, inspired and nourished me withContinue reading “Old White Men (Caucasians- if using proper definitions) Worth Your Time”

David Foster Wallace, witness of truth

I am kind of on a David Foster Wallace dig. One thing is for sure, as of last night, is that I will never eat a lobster again. I have to admit that I have not read very much by Wallace. I have listened to videos, watched the movie, read quotes and am just nowContinue reading “David Foster Wallace, witness of truth”

My Body and My Earth

Six years ago, I went through a very hard season that forced me to be honest about how I was treating my body and why I was practicing a different belief system physically than I was spiritually. As I have pursued health and wholeness, I have naturally been reconnected internally and externally to the relationshipContinue reading “My Body and My Earth”

My Brothers and Sisters

I wish I had the prose Of Henry David ThoreauAnd walking was my WayTo see the Wild run and play  Then Walden would be my placeTo receive manna and graceGrowing my spirit wide and deep From nature’s food and sleep. Being quiet and being stillLearning to bend with God’s willBowing downResting on the groundDrinking from streams Inspiring myContinue reading “My Brothers and Sisters”

Platitudes are Powerless

Platitudes taste good and they go down easy. Like a piece of candy, upon consumption they give us a nice spike in our blood sugar to temporarily motivate us to do better and try harder. Platitudes can certainly give us a warm fussy feeling and a rush of emotion but in a few minutes weContinue reading “Platitudes are Powerless”


He has removed all my distractions. The fig trees are not of any use to me except to eat. How dare he bring me into this broad place? Is mystery now my home? Are hopes and dreams supposed to fill my time? Are passions and desires supposed to guide my spirit? Is joy supposed toContinue reading “Naked”

Remember who you are

We are made to be receivers and givers of life, love, beauty, truth, hope and joy. As human beings, we are naturally designed to be and bear the fruit of peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. When you think about who we are and how beautifully and wonderfully we are made, then itContinue reading “Remember who you are”

Wee Moed

A collection of my poems, Wee Moed, Courage in Woe. Nothing has communicated my struggle with truth, my internal conversation and my vulnerability, more than my poems. They are a seat in my heart. I hope they create a space for you to be honest too, and for you to recieve the love that youContinue reading “Wee Moed”