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But I do not love

What happens: If I support the right policies, vote for the right politicians and participate in the right political party but do I not have love… Or If I am pro-life or pro-choice but I do not have love… Or If I keep all the commandments but I do have not love… Perhaps, the sameContinue reading “But I do not love”

The effects of not acting

“As long as [man] does not convert it into action, it does not matter how much he thinks about this new repentance… Wallow in it… Write a book about it; that is often an excellent way of sterilising the seeds which [Heavenly Father] plants in a human soul… Do anything but act. No amount ofContinue reading “The effects of not acting”

The Only Sober One

“33Do not go astray: “Bad associations corrupt good customs.” 34Become sober, in upright fashion, and do not sin; for some harbor ignorance of God. Shame on you,” the Bible “When someone after having sought for a long time has made himself finitely secure, he swears by laying his hand on the book that bids usContinue reading “The Only Sober One”

Dellrose, TN

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