Shall we begin

Wednesday Prayers

Pray for resurrection of life, love and truth. Pray for renewal of hope, imagination, trust, curiosity, love of learning, love of self and neighbor and the willingness to live and die for something more than power, political parties, money and status. Pray for the recovery of personal responsibility for our spirits, hearts, minds, bodies andContinue reading “Wednesday Prayers”

Idle Words

Be very wary of advice givers. Interestingly, I have yet to find a wise person who freely gives advice because I think wise people know how easy advice can be given and used to distract and deflect us from hard conversations based in reality and truth, and given in real relationships. It seems that adviceContinue reading “Idle Words”


The question we must ask ourselves over and over is what, or rather, who can give us eyes to see. We have gotten so used to looking but not really seeing truth. Doesn’t this seem ironic since looking seems to be the one thing we do all the time. Last week, I was told IContinue reading “Mud”

Dellrose, TN

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